Google AdWords PPC

Get Google-found

Every day, billions of searches are done on google. You can take advantage of Search ads to get your brand noticed, considered, and patronised by potential clients.

When it comes to Search campaign, you need to choose a goal such as increasing online sales, generating leads, or driving traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) search ads involve payment only when your ad gets results. For instance, when users click your ad to visit your site or contact your business. You need to create your search ads (keywords relevant to what people are searching online), choose your audience, and set your budget.

How it’s done

Setting up your Search ad will determine what goal you want to achieve: more leads, increased web traffic, or online sales.

We will help you to choose relevant keywords, design ad extensions including key information about your business such as location, product reviews, links to specific website pages, etc.

With Google ads, you have the flexibility to create multiple versions of your text ad, to determine which one produces the best results.

Our experts will provide reports, analytics, and continuous tips to boost your campaigns and track your progress.