Brand Identity

What does your brand reveal?

The way your audience perceives your brand depends on how you display who you are and what you represent. It is the first thing people notice; stretching beyond logos and colours. The visual message of your brand and the narrative describing it defines your brand. If done right, it makes your audience trust you, creating business credibility and trustworthiness.

Remember that customers buy into who you are and what you represent, which is integral to how you tell your story.

Brand storytelling

The strategy you need in your brand narrative is one that invokes emotions—emotions motivates people to make life-changing decisions, influences choices and puts one brand over another. A consistent narrative showcases your beliefs and values, making customers work with what you are offering.

How it’s done

Through industry, audience, and competitor research, we identify the fundamentals of what makes your brand stand out and provide answers to key questions vital to it. A suitable perception including imagery, colours, logos, and typography of what your brand should be is built from this.

By discovering how you want your audience to perceive you, a number of narrative concepts are developed from which the one with the most impact is selected.

A powerful creative production plus brand storytelling transforms your brand into a Picasso a true masterpiece.